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We are a fast growing company offering development and constructions solutions in the Longview, East Texas, and Fort Worth regions. Founded on transparency and accountability – Arman Solutions is the most trusted and comprehensive in the industry.

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It brings us immense satisfaction to gain the trust and confidence of every client as we walk them through their vision, from genesis to the completion of their construction objectives.


We start by determining what your vision and needs are for your building. This allows us to accurately assess the key points and overall goals for your construction project. Then your project is built virtually, allowing you to visualize your project, and ensure that your vision is achieved


To maximize the value of your investment, we focus on technical problem solving and continuous innovation to assess the performance versus cost of each design element and building component. 


Our unique approach allows us to identify the most cost-effective solutions that meet your functional objectives, while upholding your budget and schedule targets. We take pride in our ability to cater to the specific needs of our clients at every stage of the project.


We are committed to cultivating and maintain good working relationships with the client, design team, suppliers, and subcontractors. Our internal collaboration means you will always get fast response times from familiar faces.


Penny’s Food & Fuel

We aim to create an area that reflects your goals. Creating a place that encourages customers to relax and enjoy perusing.


Penny’s Food & Fuel was designed to be inviting, giving their customers a space that sparks conversation and connections.


The most important thing is getting a new building that fits your business functions, from day to day operations, to special events, and everything in between.

COMMERCIAL PROJECT | Gladewater, Texas

Care Plus Pharmacy

First impressions are everything, & your store is the face of your business. A building that stands out makes all the difference.


We design and fit signs for your business, letting you be a part of the creativity. We work along professional fabricators in the area to assure that your business will look picture perfect by opening day.


Our shopfronts are designed to your specifications, or can be designed as flex spaces for businesses to rent as needed. When you have a shop front that looks clean, sleek, & professional – leasing your space is easier than ever.

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Arman Solutions | Mining

We understand that when it comes to mining, there is nothing else quite like it. From surface mines, to metal/nonmetal mining, we can support you throughout the mine lifecycle.


Civil Site Design

Civil design is one of the preliminary components of mine planning. Analysis, design and permitting of surface water control structures is paramount in this process. Environmental impact mitigation process requires separating clean water from contact water and it is one of the biggest challenges of this industry.

Haul Roads

Haul roads are the bloodline of the mining industry. Ability to transport coal from the mining area to the point of power generation requires a network of roads. The mining industry has stringent design requirements and regulations that govern permitting of such pathways.


Ponds or impoundments are required in pre-mining and post-mining conditions. Impoundments in the pre-mine condition are designed to intercept contact water along with silt and sediments. Post-mine ponds are permanent water features designed to restore wetlands or serve as stocking ponds for cattle. However, there are design guidelines and land owner obligations that will have to be met with design and construction of such structures.

Bridges & Culverts

These are an integral part of the design and construction of the other aspects of mining. Appropriate design storms guide the design of these structures. Hydraulic analysis and water surface elevation models are used to size such water conveyance structures to accompany the design of roads, diversions, ponds etc.

Floodway & Flood Plain Analysis

Analyzing inundation extents and mapping flood plain boundaries of existing streams, creeks and rivers helps situate mining related structures with minimal to no adverse impact.

Let’s Turn Your Vision into a Reality!

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